Friday, April 22, 2011

Thailand's Songkran Water Festival

Songkran festival is celebrated in Thailand to mark the beginning of another year of the Thai calendar. Locals usually go to their home provinces to celebrate the New Year with their family. Hence, Bangkok will be a bit deserted during this time. However, a lot of enjoyable activities are still in store for both Farangs (Thai word for foreigners) and locals. Fun activities are at Khaosan and Silom road throughout the 3-day festival.

Out of laziness and lack of interest to play with water, I just stayed at home last year during Songkran. This year, I decided to join the craze and experience myself the fun of splashing water. On April 13, we head off to Khaosan road and had a super blast there.

The best dress to wear is something comfortable and most of all, it shouldn't be one of your favorites as it will surely get so dirty. The picture below will show how dirty one can go :-)

For tourist who are arriving in Thailand during Songkran, make sure to wrap your bag and secure valuable things such as mobile phones and cameras. Although taking a taxi will save you from getting wet, sometimes you might have to walk if the street you are going in is crowded with people splashing water. In Khaosan in particular, we saw tourists trying to squeeze in on the crowd. Another one is riding a tuktuk and was splashed with water when the traffic light turned red.

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