Wednesday, August 10, 2011

After You Dessert Cafe: Heavenly Treats

If you are craving for a heavenly dessert at very affordable prices, After You Dessert Cafe is the place. 

I am on my 3rd day of self pampering and "me" time so I decided to meet a girl friend in Siam Paragon for an afternoon shopping. After an hour of roaming around, I felt a sudden longing for something choco-flavored and After You, located at the ground floor, was the best choice. I heard from a friend that the place is always packed with people and there's always a long queue. And guess what, the queue was indeed long! But that didn't stop us from going 'coz I was sure the wait will always be paid off by its super delicious treats. Fortunately, we didn't really wait that long and the staff were very friendly.

It was so hard to have a pick 'coz everything was so tempting. But a choco-lover as I am, I opted for Chocolate Mud Brownie and Toffee Frappe -- heavenly!


While munching our desserts, me and my friend tried to decipher the reason behind the name After You. I also let out my curiosity over their logo. Then she said, perhaps the cafe is after EWE, a female ram and perhaps Aries is the zodiac sign of the owner? Well, it made sense. Anyway, when I get back home, I was so thrilled to tell my friends that finally I've been to the talked-about dessert place. Can't wait for my next visit! I'm craving already :)

After You branches are located in the following:

J avenue, Thonglor13

Tel no. 0.2712.9266

Sweet hours: 9:00am - midnight (everyday)

Lavilla, Paholyotin
2 nd Floor
Tel no. 0.2613.0597
sweet hours: Mon - Thu 10:00am - 22:30
Fri - Sun 10:00-23:00

The Crystal Park, Phase 2
Tel no. 0.2515.0549
sweet hours: 11:00am - 22:00 (everyday)

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